RIE® Certified Programs







RIE® Certified Programs for Parents and Professionals

As a RIE® Associate, Sharon facilitates the following RIE® Certified programs:

  • Nurturing Nanny™
    • This course is designed for home-based carers and nannies. It offers practical suggestions and information that can help make this work even more enjoyable. It is designed to encourage you to work more effectively and pleasurably. Study topics include:

      • Nappy changing, dressing, and feeding with respect
      • Creating safe places for play and learning
      • The caregiver’s role during play
      • Setting appropriate limits
      • Establishing a healthy sleep routine
      • Supporting secure relationships
      • Enhancing employee-employer relations
  • Before Baby™
    • This is an introductory course for expectant parents or people thinking about becoming a parent. Before Baby™ is designed to start you on your journey with confidence in yourself as a parent and trust in your baby’s unique ability to show you the way.
      Before Baby™ will help you to establish healthy patterns from the beginning of life and discusses aspects around:

      • Nappy changing
      • Bathing
      • Feeding
      • Other time together
      • What crying means and how to respond
      • Sleep for baby and parents
      • Setting up the nursery
  • RIE® Certified Parent-Infant Guidance™ Classes
    • RIE® Certified Parent-Infant Guidance™ classes encourage babies to be focused, active, and aware of self and others. The class supports and encourages children’s authenticity and helps parents to be confident in their supportive role towards this great discovery. It is facilitated in small groups with parents and child(ren) coming together weekly in a relaxing, infant-friendly environment to take pleasure in observing and learning about infants’ unfolding development and play.
  • RIE® Foundations: Theory and Observation
    • This course provides an overview of the Educaring® Approach including gross motor, fine motor, social-emotional development of the infant, designing the environment, and planning the curriculum.